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  1. Don’t know where you live,but here in texas my yard is covered with ant mounds …wood lizards… gecos..snakes.. spiders galore and trees full of birds…and we can not walk across yard without being covered in fleas. Nothing has helped yet and weve spent 100 dollars on killer sprays and nothing works.

    • Hello Donald, I live in NY so we have the cold and the heat. I’ve used Food- Greade Diatomaceous Earth to treat my yard. I have a lot of trees and dirt patches with 3 acres to treat for fleas. It’s very inexpensive especially when treating large areas. When you’re expecting 2-3 days of no rain I’d recommend sprinkling it on your yard with either a fertilizer spreader or by hand if you don’t have one. Make sure that you get under your trees along with in and around flower beds. This won’t kill or hurt any of your natural flea predators like the lizard and geckos! I also use Off Backyard pretreat, this attaches to the hose and dilutes perfectly! I spray the grass and all of my landscaping bushes and trees. These are both extremely inexpensive and can be bought at any hardware store, like Lowe’s or Home Depot store.

      I hope that these products can help you, I know how irritating it can be to not be able to enjoy your yard because of bugs and pests! Let me know if I could help you with anything else, good luck with your yard 🙂


  2. How do I get rid of them in my home without spending a small fortune and without hurting my dog. I think a field mouse got in carrying them.

    • Hello Joe, the most effective product to get rid of them in your home and to protect your pet is with Wondercide. This is an all natural product that you can spray on your furniture, carpets, bedding and your pets. One product to kill the fleas and all of its life stages in your home and can be used as a flea medication on your pets as well. The price is $39.99 for 2 32oz spray bottles which is plenty to treat your home and pets.

      After the initial treatment to your home make sure to vacuum thoroughly everyday for about a week. This includes your furniture as well. After the initial application to your dog, all you need to do is spray it on him/her and comb/brush the Wondercide to the skin of your dog, you can use this monthly as a preventative measure against fleas and ticks.

      If you need any more help please let me know 🙂


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