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    • Hello Stacey, I personally use Permethrin SFR It’s fantastic for large yards because a little goes a long way. You just spray it right around your yard, on a day when you know it won’t be getting any precipitation for at least 24 hours. I have 3 acres and treat about half of it 2 x’s a year. It’s safe for pets, can even be used directly in kennels. I’ve never had any reaction from my dogs or cats when using this product. Good luck with your treatment and please let us know how it works for you! 🙂

  1. I found out a few days ago that both of my dogs have fleas. We have only found 4 on one and none on the other one but she’s been itching. I immediately started vacuuming the floors(that are hardwood) and the couches and furniture they lay on. We gave them both a flea bath and then applied a topical treatment. I have been vacuuming every day and put a flea collar in the vacuum and emptying the bag. Am I doing enough?

    • Hello Lauren, sounds like you have found the fleas very quickly which is a very good thing!! I would continue with the vacuuming every couple of days and check your dogs daily for any new fleas. I use Wondercide spray on all of my furniture and also mopped my wood floors with it. I also spray my dog and cat with it once a month when I put the monthly flea treatment on them. It is all natural and works extremely well in killing all of the fleas in it’s different stages. Following is a link to the Wondercide product I use if you’d like to give it a try.

      Evolve by Wondercide

      If you live were the climate is warm now, you also may want to spray the outdoor area were your dogs play and use when their outside.

      Please let me know how everything works with your flea control 🙂 Thank you for visiting fleasbgone

      • Hi Kimberly,
        Thank you so much for your help. I will have to try Wondercide. I did got to a pet supply store the other day and got something to spray on the couches and our mattress even though I am vaccuming them, but I can not use them on the floor or animals. The wondercide would be perfect but one question can i use the wondercide even if both dogs have the topical treatment on now?

        • Hi Lauren,
          Yes you can use the Wondercide on your pets even if they’ve been treated. I have a new living room set and I spray it directly on there as well. I’ve never had it stain my furniture or carpets. It’s all natural ingredients so your pets will be safe even if they have a topical treatment on all ready. I use it 1x a month on my pets along with the topical treatment. It really works incredibly well. After you have no signs of fleas in your home or your pets you’ll only need to use it 1x a month just like I do as a preventative treatment for your pets. I have to say that it’s also an excellent tick repellent and killer. I have a lot of woods and my dogs run in them all the time, if they come back with a tick on them all I have to do is spray the Wondercide directly on the tick and it literally falls off dead. This stuff is great.

          Good luck with your pets and please let me know how their doing with the flea and tick meds you’ve used. If you have any tips to share that would be great also!

          Have a great day 🙂 Kimberly

  2. I’ve been using diatomaceous earth on my yard and it works well. I sprinkle by hand, covering areas that I know my dogs lay. It can be applied to the coat too.

    • Thanks for sharing Tom… I start using it as soon as spring starts and the snow is gone.. I’ve never tried it right on my pets but I’ll give it a try this summer 🙂

      • Hello Shirley, Pompeys are a wetland? Well lowland but there moist correct? I’m not familiar with the south but I can say that if it’s moist and warm then you’re husband is right…fleas can live there and survive! All they need is moisture and warmth!…even here in the Northeast.. Syracuse, NY the snow capital of the Northeast.. are fleas survive through the cold bitter winter…they just hibernate until the snow and cold thaws… You can treat and prevent the fleas outdoors just follow the steps on the outside flea removal and if you have pets please just look at the pages that correspond with your pets and home…it will walk you through the steps to remove or prevent flea problems!! Best of luck to you and your husband Shirley 🙂

    • Hello James, honestly… that would seriously bother me as well!!! If you spray your home and your pet with Wondercide, this is totally chemical free, you won’t see anymore fleas on your pets or in your home… If at all possible try and talk to your neighbors about the flea problem.. I would like to think that they would want to be flea free as well! If not, the Wondercide really works extremely well and instantly!! You can find it here: Wondercide Best of luck with your neighbors!! Would love to hear how it works out for you 🙂

      Good Luck!!! Kimberly

  3. Hello i need help with this fleas all over my yard, i’m going crazy. I’ve tried using the seven dust also all types of spray for fleas on yard but they are not dying! also trid buying little swiiming pools and fill them up with vegetable oil for them to drown. But it’s so bad that when i go outside i see like 10-15 jumping on me. It’s so emberrasing that i have to go outside my house from the back yard, because they are not on the yard the fleas are on my cement.

    • Hello Mayra, I’ve never heard of seven dust. Wondercide for outdoors works very well! It’s all natural and safe for people, kids and pets. You will probably have to treat your cement a few times and I’d spray it when it’s not expected to rain. You want this to absorb into the cracks and crevices of the cement which is where the fleas and all of its stages are hiding. If you have fleas in your home as well then I’d highly recommend using the Wondercide for indoors as well. You should definitely see a huge difference in the fleas within 24 hours. Make sure that you follow the directions on the package and if it happens to rain in the first 24 hours of applying the Wondercide then reapply as soon as you have clear weather!

      Wishing you the best of luck… I can totally understand the embarrassment and frustration of the fleas!

      Please let me know if I can help you any further and best of luck!! 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for responding, i’ve tried posting on other website and no one replies. i’ll keep you updated since i have a 4day mini vacation to finish this monsters.

    • Your very welcome Mayra!! Please do let me know how everything works out and if I can help you any further!!!

      Kimberly 🙂

  5. hi i found about 5 fleas on both of my cats (storm male)(cookies female).I have been wondering how to get rid of them because my mom gave both of them a bath with only their head being able to be seen.She said that none of them had any and she also used that flea sentry shampoo for the cats.she wiped them down with a white towel and vacumed the floors.For a while now there havent have been any fleas.So i thought that they were gone.Until today i found one on me and it fell off.My mom had put a flea collar on the both of them but why are there still fleas???Please let me know.P.S my dad said that they die in the winter because that worked for his cats before. so ok thx and plz let me know how to get rid of them

    • Hello Tamara, fleas can live all through any season. You need to get rid of the fleas in your home, although you’re only seeing the adult fleas you definitely have the other flea stages throughout your home. You can learn about the flea life cycle here. You’ll need to follow the steps for home flea removal to completely rid your home of the fleas and keep them from coming back.

      For your cats and your home I’d recommend Wondercide, you can spray this directly on your cats and all around your home, it kills fleas on contact and is an all natural safe alternative to chemicals.

      Best of luck and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂


    • Hello Sergio, You can use Wondercide Outdoor Sprayto kill the fleas under your house. All you have to do is attach the bottle to the end of your hose and spray it under your home. This will kill the fleas along with ticks that could be under your home as well. The Wondercide is all natural and won’t be harmful to you, your family or your dogs when they go under the house.

      Best of luck and please let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  6. My question is, I live in a mobile home park with no fences my car is outside most of the time if not more, I have seen my cat scratching himself. If, I let him in and use Wondercride flea removal will, I need to keep him inside all of the time. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hello Randal, you can use the Wondercide on your cat and it’s fine for him/her to go back outside. You won’t need to spray it on your cat every time it goes outside, you can just spray it on as a monthly treatment just like a topical flea medication is used. You could also spray it directly on places your cat likes to be inside the home, pet bed, your bed, furniture etc..

      Best of luck and please let me know if I could help you any further 🙂


    • Hello Randal, if your asking about the Wondercide Home Spray, yes, it does kill on contact. Just spray it directly on your pets and comb down to the skin. This will kill the fleas on your pets and anywhere in your home.

      Best of luck and please let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  7. I really want to find a product to kill all of the fleas on our dog, cats and yard. We’ve been fighting fleas all summer and now into the fall, and it’s almost winter. I’ve never actually seen them on anything in our house besides our dog, but even after I pick all of them off of her once she comes in from outdoors, after a while she has another one or two or three on her. So obviously she’s getting them from in the house. I’ve tried diatomaceous earth, tons of different insecticides, I vacuum the carpet, furniture and under furniture every day. I use Front Line on our dog, that does nothing. I have sprinkled diatomaceous earth outside in the yard. Nothing. The fleas are still here. I would like to try a product that works but is safe for my pets (I have 3 outside cats), and one 12 pound Yorkie-Poo. I am not reading good review for the Wondercide that everyone on here raves about, so I don’t think I want to spend the money.

    • Hello Marla, I can understand your frustration especially after trying everything that you have. I’m not sure what reviews you’ve read about the Wondercide but that is what I use now. I’ve had nothing but excellent results with it. I’ve been using it for about a year now on my pets as a monthly flea treatment instead of the chemical based products. I also use the Wondercide outdoor spray every spring and few times throughout the summer as a preventative measure. I live in the country with a large lawn and a lot of deer so fleas and ticks were always a huge problem for me.

      I would recommend giving the Wondercide a try, I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed. If you use the Wondercide Home & Pet Spray on your pets and home, spraying everywhere your pets like to be in your house. This is safe to spray on your furniture, carpets, bedding and to mop floors with. You’ll need to vacuum everything as well as this will remove the dead fleas and it’s life stages even if you don’t see them they are there.

      Along with the indoor flea removal you’ll need to treat the outside of your home as well and again I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the Wondercide Outdoor Spray. If you spray your entire yard with this it will kill the fleas that are out there. After your initial application make sure to use it monthly as a preventative measure against the fleas. This is safe for your pets and family and truly does work extremely well! You could also plant some mint plants or eucalyptus trees in your yard for flea control. You can read more here at Kill Fleas/Yard Control

      I hope this will help you, if you have any more questions, please let me know 🙂


  8. Hi there,

    I just rescued a 4 pound toy Chihuahua literally 3 days ago and found a flea on her this evening. I’m guessing it’s because of my yard. Since it’s the first I’m seeing one and haven’t had pets before, does that mean I’m catching it early enough? I don’t want to bomb and need to be careful what i use on such a small dog. She is 5. What should I use in my home and on her to eliminate them immediately, until i can get her to her first vet appt? Very frustrating to have this happen when i first bring her home! Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Hello Wendy, I’m sure you’ve caught it early enough! You can use Wondercide Home Spray on your Chihuahua. It’s all natural and chemical free which makes it very safe for you and your new pup. Spray this everyplace that your new pup likes to be, furniture, bedding, etc.. It will kill the fleas and all of its life stages, after the intial application to your pet use it as a monthly preventative flea treatment in place of any of the chemical based products. You should also use the Wondercide Outdoor Spray for your yard and again it’s chemical free and safe for your pets and family. After the initial application of the yard spray, you should use this monthly in the warm months as a preventative measure against fleas and ticks.

      Best of luck with your new pup and please let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  9. Oh man am I bummed to read this… We live in CO and are experience a cold spell and assumed it would kill the fleas the foster dog brought as hitchhikers from TX. 🙁 In 20 yrs of owning dogs in CO, we have never had fleas, so extremely frustrated that we have this in the middle of winter. I know one of our dogs found some, the others I haven’t found evidence… so hopefully 8 weeks of torture and they will be gone until spring and will have to spray outside.

    • Hello Dawn, I’m sorry this bummed you out!! Fleas can live through all seasons though, unfortunately. If you continue to see fleas on your dog(s), you can use Wondercide For Home and Pets. Just spray it right on your dogs and comb down to the skin, it will kill the fleas on contact and protect them against new fleas and ticks when they go outside. Just use it as a monthly treatment in place of the chemical based products. This is all natural and safe for pets and people not to mention it smells nice and will keep your dogs coats shiny and healthy.

      Best of luck, please let me know if I could help you with anything 🙂


  10. We intend to catch a momma cat and her new kittens and bring them into our laundry room. I have a lot of concerns about this and I know it won’t be simple.

    One concern I have is fleas and ticks. My two cats don’t have fleas and have never had them. I don’t relish the thought of having fleas in the house.

    Momma cat is very scared although she’s been letting us get closer to her. We plan on making our move to trap her and her babies soon. Any suggestions on how to deal with the potential flea situation with her?

    • Hello Winnie, you can spray the Momma cat and kittens with Wondercide. It’s all natural and chemical free so it’s safe for pets of all ages along with being safe for children also. When you get the kittens inside just spray it on your hands and rub it into the kittens coats. For the momma cat just spray directly on her coat and brush or comb to the skin. You can also spray this in the areas that the kittens will be staying this will kill fleas and ticks when they jump off the kittens and the mother cat. If you see any fleas after the initial application just repeat the above steps to keep your cats and home flea and tick free.

      Best of luck I think it’s wonderful that your going to rescue the kitties. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else 🙂


  11. We just got over 2 feet of snow where I live. I was out sleding with my kids and I looked down noticing a bunch of little black bug jumping around on top of the snow then I realized they were in a bunch of different spots they looked just like fleas could it have been?

  12. These products sound great but is there any that are available to Canada?? I checked Amazon. Ca and wondercide does not ship to Canada and the only thing they sell on Amazon. Ca is some very expensive oils and ear stuff. I’m desperate and can’t seem to get rid of these dam fleas!! I’ve spent a large amount of money on this already and I’m just so frustrated. I hate seeing my dog suffer!!

    • Hello Nicole, I’m sorry it took a bit longer to get back to you, I needed to send a message directly to Wondercide to see if they could ship directly to you but they don’t yet. I’ve been looking at other products that can be shipped to you in Canada and have found a few. Let me just say I’m truly sorry that you’re going through all of this and that your dog is suffering.

      You will need to treat your home for the fleas first. After looking for things that can be shipped internationally, the best product for home control that I have found would be Hot Shot HG-96190 Bedbug and Flea Home Insect Killerthis is $10 for a gallon of spray. I would check your local home and garden store to see if it’s in stock there as well. I would spray your entire home down with this to kill the flea in all the stages.

      Your dog will also need to be treated if he/she hasn’t already. I found that Novartis Program Flea Treatment for Dogs has very good reviews but there are many that have said that there dog would be sick a day or two after initial dose, upset stomach and not eating as usual, but after that they were fine and it worked to kill the fleas and to keep them off the dogs. This is a monthly treatment and does ship internationally, again though, you could check your local pet stores and see if it’s available locally.

      Best of luck getting rid of the fleas and finding relief for you dog! If I can help with anything else please let me know 🙂


  13. after i took my cat to the Vet for throwing up everyday for the last few weeks, she found a FLEA on him … my one cat does go outside because she doesn’t like using the indoor litter box anymore … boy am i sorry i stopped giving her the monthly topical FLEA treatment … come to find out all three have fleas! i was reluctant to use a SPRAY directly on them as i feared it was not good if they ingested the treatment when they groom themselves, but after reading all these questions and your answers here I’m going to get it immediately! i comb them, i vacuum, I’ve laundered all their beds, throw rugs, etc repeatedly, but after 2weeks there’s no let up … i even have WHITE receiving blankets all over the house covering the places they nap … you will think I’m nutz but I’ve been *capturing* the fleas i find on the blankets every time they MOVE to another spot … so far the count is @ 38 over a approx. 10days! imagine 38! it’s shocking how something so teeny-tiny can cause so much trouble! i go around with a baby-food jar and a wet q-tip … they are EASY to catch, but you have to be quick … wish me luck with the *wondercide* the novelty of catching them is wearing thin and that topical stuff does not seem to be as effective … i think you need MANY forms of attack! in the Spring i will spray my yard to keep those tiny monsters at bay and off my babies!

    • Hello Pati, I totally understand how difficult the fleas can be, especially when you have fleas on more than 1 of your pets. It can be beyond stressful and draining trying to get rid of them.

      You’ve made and excellent choice with the Wondercide. You can use the spray around your home as well. Spray it on your furniture, bedding, and even mop your floors with it and don’t dilute it.

      Every time you see fleas, on any of your white blankets, just spray that area and they will die. You will see a huge difference very fast!

      Best of luck and please let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  14. If it is cold enough for the fleas to be killed off for the winter if your dog is outside after the “10 day” cold period will the fleas fall off of your pet?

    • Hello Cara, no fleas don’t die during the winter months. You can read more about it here. Can Fleas Survive Winter Months Fleas won’t just die because it is cold out so whatever treatment you are using on your dog, keep using it year round. Fleas a very resilient and can hide in places and lay dormant for a very long time waiting to hatch out of the egg when they feel the vibrations of a host. Continue with your dogs treatments to keep the fleas at bay.

      Please let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  15. this information is incorrect. Fleas and eggs will die below zero. Some can live up to ten days at most. Anything below zero will killed faster so on. -10 less then one hour eggs even faster.

    • Hello Dan, thank you for your comment although yes, some stages of the fleas will die in the colder months, not all of the fleas stages die. To be exact, the flea eggs will lay dorment and hibernate during the winters cold and will hatch when the weather becomes warmer. They survive just like other creatures like bees, fly’s, beetles any many other insects during the winter with hybernation. You can read more about them here: Can Fleas Survive Winter? Thank you for your information and I will check into it further but from what Ive researched so far this information still appears to be true. If the fleas died off in the winter I’m sure we all would have less of a problem when spring comes.

      Let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  16. My neighbor purchased a a large bag of Sevin granules to treat the flea infestation in the grass at our apartment complex. Before she had a chance to spread them the rainy season arrived. When & how should the Sevin Granules be used?

    • Hello Linda, I’ve personally never used seven granules but I did look it up and on the bag the directions say that after it is applied if it rains for a few days you would need to retreat your yard to get the best results. However when you have the initial application you do need to water it after it’s spread to activate the granules.

      If you have anything else I could help you with, please let me know 🙂


  17. We have two dogs and have never had any problems with fleas etc. but last week our dachshund pup came up the steps from the back yard and had several small bugs on her. I took her in and gave her and the other dog a bath with flea shampoo and then I washed all their bedding in very hot water and dried them on high heat, and we haven’t seen any more on either of them. BUT – yesterday I went out and walked in my back yard a bit and then later, after I was in the house, I noticed I had 2 bites on my ankle. I took my socks off carefully and put them in very hot water in the bathroom sink and saw 4 tiny dead bugs in the water afterwards. I’m terrified of they being in the house and yard. I’m itching everywhere just thinking about it. I have been washing our bedding all day and am afraid to let me dogs out. ALSO – I feel like we can control them in the house – get rid of them on the dogs – but what about in the yard? Will winter in southern Alberta kill them? HELP!

    • Hello Louise, it sounds like your home is pretty safe especially with you taking the precautions that you are, washing everything and checking yourself and your pups for fleas. You can treat your yard with a flea and tick spray. There are plenty to choose from, if you don’t mind a chemical spray, you could use permetherinbut if you would prefer something that is chemical free, I would use the Wondercide outdoor spray. You can also use cedar shavings around your yard, the landscaping type, to keep the fleas and ticks away from your yard.

      I’d use both the cedar chips and the outdoor spray to treat my yard until it gets cold enough for a frost. I’m not sure about your weather but I’m assuming that it will be getting cooler with frost and snow where you are. If you’ve already had a frost or snow then then the fleas are most likely dying off.

      You could also treat your pups with either a flea spray or topical flea treatment to prevent any infestations from starting. Definitely keep doing what your doing with washing things in the hot water if you see any signs of fleas on yourself or your pets. I would also be vacuuming daily just to be on the safe side. I do really think that treating your dogs as a precautionary measure and your yard will keep you safe from an outbreak of fleas.

      I hope this helps and if you have anymore questions, please let me know 🙂


  18. Wow, This is just a giant commercial stream for Wondercide. roll eyes, but anyway, if it works, then ok, whatever.

    • Hi there Whatever… this product does work very well.. but if you read the comments and answers throughout the website pages you will see that not all answers go to this product .. especially if someone doesn’t need anything but to just take their pet to the vet.. so I would ask you to please do your complete research before commenting!… Have a great day 🙂


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