Best Flea Control For Cats

The best flea control for cats can also be used as flea control for kittens of any age, along with nursing mommas safely.  This is an all natural product that will kill fleas and ticks without all of the harsh chemicals. Wondercide is an all natural product that contains cedar […]

Flea Control For Homes

Wondercide has a flea spray for the house that is one of the best flea controls for the home.   Getting the fleas out of your house can be done in 3 simple steps.  You will need to repeat the steps for a week or so but it will be […]

Best Flea & Tick Prevention For Dogs

The best flea and tick prevention for your dogs is also the best product to kill any existing fleas and ticks. There is one product that not only treats adult fleas and its life stages, egg, larvae and pupae but is also the best flea and tick preventative measure you […]

Best Flea Medicine Kittens Can Use

When you bring home your new kitten and find that they have fleas, you need to get rid of them immediately.  Let’s look at some of the best flea medicine kittens can use to safely get rid of the fleas. If your kitten is under 8 weeks of age they […]

Pet Flea Control

Are you looking for help in providing your pet with flea control? It’s not a hard task but it does need to be done to prevent flea infestations in your home along with on your pets. Lets look at some basic preventative measures you can take to prevent fleas on […]

how to get rid of fleas in my house

Kill Fleas Yard Control

Killing fleas in your yard is essential to general flea control. Understanding the flea life cycle allows you to effectively recognize and kill fleas in their different cycles.  If fleas are not taken care of around the outside of your home, you will inevitably bring the pests indoors. There are […]

how to start a dog walking

How To Start A Pet Sitting Business

Learning how to start a pet sitting business, it’s not as hard as you may think! Starting a pet sitting business could put you on the financial road to success.  Many people have found independent success with home business’s, why not you?   Let’s take a look at some important things […]

do fleas die winter months

Can Fleas Survive Winter?

The weather is getting colder and snow is starting to fall, what happens to fleas? Can fleas survive winter snow and cold? Many people think that they can stop flea treatments as soon as they get the first frost of the season because they are under the impression that fleas are […]

FAQ about fleas

When Do Fleas Die Off?

Now that winter is upon us when do fleas die off? Unfortunately fleas can live through all types of weather.  It doesn’t matter if it is cold, hot, rain or snow, the fleas find a way to survive!  The flea is a very resilient annoying creature that can adapt in […]

Can Fleas Survive Winter

Do Fleas Die Winter Months?

Do fleas die winter months? Many people are wondering about this, so I thought I would write a post about it.  The   answer is NO!  Fleas will stay alive on your pet during winter months.  You would think that they would die out because they are so small but they […]