Kill Fleas Naturally Without Harsh Chemicals

I have used a lot  of the chemical products out there.  Topical flea treatments, powders, etc.,  they use to work for me without any problem.  However, this past year we’ve had an exceptional amount of fleas and ticks on our pets.  The chemicals just aren’t doing the job. That’s when I started to look into ways I could kill fleas naturally.

If you’re looking for information about how  home remedies kill fleas, there is more information about home-made flea remedies you can make yourself.

I used Front-line for both my dog and cat, but noticed that the fleas just kept coming back. We flea bombed, used flea shampoos, powders and flea collars with out seeing any results. This caused my to look for ways to kill fleas naturally.

I’ve read on-line, along with talking with my vet and friends, that many other people are having the same problems with chemical based flea products.  If you’re noticing the same problem in your home with your pets, hopefully, you’ll be able to find a way to kill fleas naturally, in your home and your pets here.

I’ve found all sorts of, “all natural flea remedies”, the ones that caught my eye the most, are listed below.  Just click on the remedy and it will take you to what it’s about and how it works.

If you’d like to share a story of your own that may help someone to kill fleas naturally and it’s not listed here, please share it with us below! Thank You 🙂



Baking Soda

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Boric Acid



I found many places have this listed saying that it will kill fleas naturally, It’s an insecticide, so this would take the words, all natural, safe for kids, safe for pets, all out of the picture!

kill fleas naturally


This is used to make your own insecticide by mixing with cocoa powder or corn meal, then adding sugar.

Next, you are suppose to sprinkle it wherever you have a rodent or insect problem.  The package states right on it to keep out of the reach of children and pets!

I would not recommend this product as a way to kill fleas naturally!

However if you don’t mind some chemicals being used this may be what you’re looking for.  People have been using this as a laundry detergent booster for years so if it can work to kill the fleas it’s worth the try.

You can find Borax Laundry Booster, 76 oz Box at Amazon.

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You can use any type of salt that you want, the finer the better!  So essentially the finest salt I could think of was ordinary, everyday table salt.  If you need a large quantity of salt for a lot of carpet, you can purchase: Morton Table Salt 4-Pound pkg

get rid of fleas naturally

sprinkling salt on carpet

Step 1:  Sprinkle the salt liberally over your carpets, get under your furniture as well.  You don’t need to put this on thickly, just a thin layer.

Step 2:  Leave the salt on your carpet for at least 24 hours, if your home is infested, leave on for a few days.  If the salt granules are annoying you, just use a broom or dry mop to rub it further into your carpet.

Step 3:  After the salt has sat for 24 hours or more, you’ll need to vacuum it up.  You will see dead fleas in your vacuum canister!  What a cheap easy way to kill fleas naturally.  You can re-apply if your still seeing fleas jumping around, it really depends how bad your particular flea problem is.

OK, I have to say this one really surprised me!  Everyday table salt is said to kill fleas naturally.  It actually makes sense that salt could be a flea killer, just read on!  Here is a You Tube video  showing what salt does to the fleas.

This is what the salt does to the fleas and all of it’s stages:

It is said that the salt gets stuck where their legs come together at the joints, and actually cuts the adult flea, causing them to bleed.

Then the salt sucks the moisture right out of the flea, including the egg, larvae and pupae stages of the flea.  When the flea loses the moisture in it’s body, it just dries up and dies.

When the salt is in contact with the egg, pupae and larvae stages of the flea, it absorbs the moisture from them and ultimately kills them before they have a chance to hatch into an adult.

I give this natural flea remedy an A+, not only is it extremely cheap to do, but it’s very safe for our pets and families.  We all use salt everyday, now you can use it to kill fleas naturally!

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Baking Soda

This is what the baking soda is suppose to do:

The baking soda is suppose to have a similar effect as the salt.  The only difference here is that the baking soda isn’t coarse like salt.

The salt cuts the fleas, causing them to bleed.  Baking soda is a fine gentler powder substance.  I can understand the ability for it to cause the fleas and flea eggs to dry out, but it seems to me that without the bleeding factor on the flea this just wouldn’t be as effective as the salt.  However, I didn’t try this but others say when combined with salt it will kill fleas naturally.

Step 1:  Sprinkle the baking soda liberally over entire carpet areas.  Some people said that it would need to be in conjunction with the table salt, some said that it works great by itself.

Step 2:  Rub the baking soda into your carpets with a broom.  It needs to be pushed as far into the carpet fibers as possible.

kill fleas naturally

baking soda

Step 3:  Leave this on your carpet for 24 hours if you only are seeing a few fleas, up to a week if your home is completely infested with fleas.

Step 4:  Vacuum your carpets, emptying the vacuum cleaner bag or the canister on a bag less vacuum, between rooms.

I can’t say that I would recommend this alone!  I could see using this with the salt but the salt doesn’t need any help, it does everything the baking soda does plus more!

I think the baking soda is just an extra mess to have to vacuum up.  If you’d like to buy it in bulk, click here.  If anyone has any thoughts about this, I’d love to hear from you!

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Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth, also called DE, is in essence the shell remains of sea dwelling algae.  It is found on the bottom of the ocean’s floors.

kill fleas naturally

Food Grade-Diatomaceous Earth

When dry, this is a very soft fine powder when you touch it, but if you were to look at it under a microscope, it would have lots of tiny, sharp edges.  These sharp edges have the ability to cut the outer protective shell of tiny little bugs, like fleas.

When the shell of the insect, or flea, is damaged, it loses any of it’s protection.  The DE is able to actually cause damage to the flea itself by cutting it and making it bleed.

The fine powder is able to absorb moisture.  When the fleas shell is damaged the fine powder can get to the actual flea and dehydrate them, causing them to die.

This will kill the adult flea and stop the process of the fleas life cycle.

This is how you would apply the food grade Diatomaceous Earth:

Step 1:  Sprinkle the DE on your carpets, you don’ t need to put it on thickly, a light coating will work just fine.

Step 2:  Leave the DE on your treated carpets for 24 hours.

Step 3:  Vacuum all of the areas that are treated with the DE.  You need to throw the vacuum bags out after your done vacuuming, if your using a canister vacuum, just dump into the garbage and rinse the canister.

Step 4:  Repeat the previous steps once a week for 4 weeks.  Any flea eggs that hatch in this time will need to come into contact with the DE to kill them.  As long as you do this every week for a month, you should not see any more fleas because you’re killing them before they’ll have a chance to reproduce!

I have also found while researching the DE, people actually eat this as part of their health regimen.  I can’t say I would eat it myself but to each their own.  This just gives a little bit of reassurance that it is safe to use.

Farmers also use this directly in bags of feed for animals.  It protects the feed from being infested with bugs and ruining the feed.  This gives me another bit of reassurance that it’s safe for our pets and families, along with the ability to kill fleas naturally!

You can purchase DE at Amazon:  food grade Diatomaceous Earth

I haven’t tried this myself but if anyone else has, I’d love for you to share your story about it in the comment section!

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EVOLV is a product sold by Wondercide.  The company Wondercide is focused on making products to kill fleas naturally and without chemicals. They offer products for pest control on our pets, in the home and outside of the home.

They claim that it kills fleas and ticks on contact!  That’s a pretty big claim and would be great for us and our pets if it works.  I haven’t tried it yet, I do think I’ll be ordering some to try.

kill fleas naturally


People are saying that this is a “miracle cure”, along with claiming that it did kill fleas naturally on their pets and in their homes.  This product is also said to be beneficial for our pets skin.  Making the itchy dry skin and hot spots, from fleas, better.

The flea products come in 2 scents, lemongrass & cedar.

The cedar scent ingredients are:  organic cedarwood oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

The lemongrass ingredients are: organic cedarwood oil (active), therapeutic grade lemongrass oil (active), hydrated silica (inert)

To use EVOLV follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Rub your pets coat in the opposite direction of the hair growth

Step 2:  Spray on your pet in an even coating, being sure to cover their entire body.

Step 3:  Spray your hands with EVOLV, then rub on your pets ears and face.

Step 4:  Repeat as needed until all the fleas are dead.  Then just use weekly as a preventative measure against fleas and ticks.

Wondercide also has a complete line of flea control and killing products for both inside your home and outside of your home.  All are completely organic and all natural.

Their line of products can be purchased at Amazon: EVOLV flea spray

I’m going to purchase this myself and try it out, I’ll let everyone know how it works for my pets.  If anyone else has already tried this and wouldn’t mind sharing their story about this line of products, that would be great!  If this will kill fleas naturally and provide a treatment for my pets irritated skin, I would be more than happy to make the purchase for their products.

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Boric Acid

Boric acid is used in many products as a natural way to kill fleas.  I have found that reviews of products containing boric acid may have some side effects to our pets, if they have sensitive skin or skin allergies.

Boric acid for flea control, works a lot like the salt and DE powder.  It dehydrates the fleas

kill fleas naturally

Boric acid

and their life cycle stages, ultimately killing them.  The difference between the boric acid and the salt or DE, is that it doesn’t break the outer shell of the fleas but it does dehydrate them very effectively causing death to the flea.

The boric acid lasts for a long period of time as a flea killer, as long as it stays dry.  Even after vacuuming the powder can lay in the depths of your carpet continuing to prevent the hatching of the flea eggs, pupae and larvae stages.

Unlike the salt and food grade diatomaceous earth, boric acid may cause discolouration of fabrics.  You may want to test it on your furniture before completely covering it.  This will kill fleas naturally.

You can purchase boric acid at Amazon: Boric Acid Powder – 12 Oz  follow the directions on the container, following the directions for flea removal.

Fleago Natural Flea Control
 contains 99% boric acid but unlike the straight boric acid above, it already has baking soda in it which helps prevent it from clumping.  Follow the directions on the container to apply on your carpets and furniture.

I will continue adding new material to this page as I come across it.  If you have anything that has worked for you and can be considered “all natural” or “organic”,it would be great if you could share it with everyone 🙂

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Kill Fleas Naturally — 60 Comments

  1. So, I bought the EVOLV from Wondercide a few weeks ago. I was very sceptical that this would work but amazingly it does exactly what it says it will and then some!

    My dog is always outside, my yard has a lot of trees on the few acres of land. We have a lot of deer that are always in the back, which means every time Murphy goes out I have to check him for ticks.

    I hate taking the ticks off of him! EVOLV states that it can kill the ticks on contact. It worked, Murph came in and I checked him, of course there was a tick right on his cheek. I sprayed the EVOLV directly on the tick and rubbed the spray in with my finger. The tick fell off!!! I like the smell of the spray also, I bought the cedar scented spray.

    Now I have been spraying Murph with the EVOLV every few days, I also sprayed Bella, my cat and all of their bedding including my carpet and furniture. I have not seen a single flea! The ticks have been no trouble for me either.

    I would recommend EVOLV, in fact I ordered more for myself and my mom. It is a little pricey but I find the cost worth it, sure beats all the other products.

    Another benefit to the EVOLV, it doesn’t dry out or irritate Murphy’s or Bella’s skin!!!

    • Having trouble with fleas in my home and outside. I have no carpet just hard floors. How do I get rid of fleas??

      • Hi Linda, if you’re in a warmer climate the fleas may be a bit worse than the east coast.. they haven’t actually arrived here yet… what have you tried so far and what are you looking to do? I personally use cedar mulch around my house to keep them away outside and diatomaceous earth outside… I sprinkle this liberally around my yard and it really does work really well… I do also use wondercide both the outside spray and on my cats and dog instead of flea treatments and I haven’t had any problems in a few years since doing this.. some people don’t agree with it but I personally haven’t had problems with my animals health.. it’s the all natural solution instead of harsh chemicals and it works great for me.. I hope this helps and if you have any more ?’s please let me know
        Kimberly 🙂


    • Hello Sandra, you can follow the steps on the Home Flea Removal page. Use steps 3, 5 and 7. You will also want to follow the steps for Outside Flea Removal. I don’t know how long you’ve been in your home but if it’s a new place it’s highly possible the fleas were left from the previous occupants. The best way to get rid of the fleas naturally in all of it’s stages when you have no carpets is with the steam cleaner. You may also want to purchase Evolv by Wondercide. This is an all natural product and it works extremely well to kill the fleas and the eggs immediately.

      Be sure to also vacuum all of your furniture and empty the bag immediately after. You should do this once a day for at least a week then every other day until there are no signs of fleas in your home. The Wondercide can be sprayed directly on your furniture as well, you will see immediate results with this produce and it’s chemical free!

      Best of luck to you I know how annoying the fleas can be. If you need anymore help let me know.

      Take care, Kimberly 🙂

  3. DAWN, dish washing liquid is the best, it removes the barrier on the pest. fleas on dogs was dog apply dawn. Lather let stay on for a few minutes and rinse, You’ll be amazed.Also on Wasp put a small amount in a large plastic cup( I use a throwaway Mcdonald cup) with warm water, splash on active nest, watch them fall,and as with the fleas, when the protective barrier is removed the water drowns the pest.

    • Thank you for sharing Allen! This treatment does work well with the Dawn dish soap, just as Allen says, it works because is kills the fleas protective barrier and allows them to drown from the water. Excellent choice for pets with sensitive skin or if your pets are just to young for a chemical treatment. This can be used on both cats and dogs, kittens or puppies. You can read more about this treatment on my page Home Made Flea Remedies.

      Thank you again Allen 🙂

    • Used Dawn this morning as instructed. I saw a few dead fleas. Although once she was dry she has been scratching more than ever. Did the Dawn dry out her skin or just not work ????

      • Hello Chris, it’s possible that the dawn is irritating the skin or there could be fleas still biting. When using the dawn, make sure there is no soapy residue left on the fur of your pets. Have you washed all the bedding and areas of your home to get rid of the flea eggs, larvae and pupae stages?

        If your pet has fleas and has for a little while before noticing, then the other flea stages will be throughout the areas of your home that your pet has access to. You can follow the steps under home flea removal to get rid of the fleas throughout your home.

        If your pet is still showing signs of fleas after following these steps and bathing he/she in the dawn, you may want to give Wondercide a try. This is an all natural product that kills fleas instantly and can be sprayed throughout your home as well to kill all of the flea life stages.

        I hope this helps you and if you have anymore questions please leave them below.

        Kimberly 🙂

  4. Hello, does any one know if the EVOLO bleaches out hard wood floors or fabrics or mattresses? We somehow have fleas and no pets ever in our house. Found like twenty in the bathroom and 3 in my bedroom. This is so upsetting to me and over whelming. I feel like we’ll never get rid of them and it’s a never ending cycle of vacuuming and cleaning with no end in site. Any advice? Thanks

    • Hello Frances, EVOLV will work perfectly for your problem. I’ve mopped my tile and wood floors with it and have never had and discoloration to them. I have dark green living room furniture and light brown carpet, I spray it directly on both and have not had any discoloration on any of them either. It smells good and clean not at all like chemicals. It’s all natural and works incredibly fast and efficiently.

      I would recommend continuing to use it weekly for few months after you no longer see the fleas to be sure that all of the eggs and larvae have also been killed! You can order Evolv here: EVOLV by Wondercide

      Best of luck to you, please let us know if you have any more questions to help you get rid of the fleas.

      Take care, Kimberly 🙂

  5. I have worked diligently for 3 days & nites, with fogging, Raid Carpet/ flea/bedbug products. salt/baking soda washing linoleum floors every nite with vinegar. 1st time i did salt only, walked on carpet barefoot & dead eggs stuck to my feet, figured they were eggs as they were bigger than small grains of salt. This is from a prior tenant as I have no pets. on 6/29 I saw small black dot on my sock & brushed it, it hopped away I slammed shut bathroom door & finally caught it. I got a bite from it. I did not think much, as I thought it was just a stray. on 7/8 there were a few baby ones in my linoleum entryway, that’s when I knew I had a problem. My apt mgr says it’s going to be a bad year for fleas, bugs, etc. that they can hop on your clothing on the walkways. I decided to google to see what to do. That’s when I got Pro-Active. As Mgr wanted to bomb. I was on fence about that. I first salted & the eggs stuck to my feet. yuk. on the inside of my entry door I had a towel taped to keep out some rain that came in the 2 times its rained hard here in North California. I decided to clean towel, removed tape & it was loaded with dead Larvae & fleas & towel too. OMG. the towel really saved me a bigger problem, the hearty ones escaped in here. The lawn pple blow right into our doorways & on the bark outside where tenants dogs do their pee. When can I feel safe? I found nothing in living room or on chairs, bedroom seemed good, but entryway is my problem. I am going to tape bottom of door again, as today when I poured some bleach water outside doorjam, it leaked in. Do you think all I have done will protect me? Also, from the amount of eggs stuck to my feet & the half-full & full vacuum bags I’ve been unloading each day. I also have searched down deep in carpet & come up with dried eggs. How often should I salt? Idid not salt today, but am going to vacuum & see how loaded bag gets. My friend who has a cat who NEVER had fleas, but was never treated or wears a collar, blames me when I stopped at her house & stood in kitchen on a throw rug to tell her then her cat scratched & she found a flea. BTW I was wearing all black. Can that be possible? or did I just make her aware of the problem. This is a cat that escapes every chance it gets & crosses the hall to visit a couple who go to garden twice everyday & the wife wears Saris with the flowing scarf & loose pants. I feel responsible, because she says her next door neighbor & my next door neighbor who has a cat do not have fleas. Sorry this is so long, I am beside myself with this problem. How much longer do I have to salt, baking soda, vacuum, vinegar wash or is this a lifelong nightmare? I am afraid to leave my apt. for fear of getting attacked. Thank you for you kindness & patience

    • Hello Ginny, I’m so sorry that you’re going through this right now! Seems as if you’ve been doing everything right to keep the fleas under control in an infested apartment building. I do have to say that if you have this problem in your apartment and your friends are in the same building there would be no doubt that they would have the same problem in their apartments as well.

      You need to kill the fleas and I would highly recommend EVOLV by Wondercide, you can find it here: Wondercide This is an all natural product and works on contact to kill all the fleas, eggs and larvae stages of the fleas. You can spray directly on your furniture, carpets, and bedding without any staining or discoloration. I would mop all of my linoleum and hardwood floors with this and spray it thickly on the towel you have at your doorway to keep the fleas from coming into your apartment from the hallway.

      You will not be disappointed with this product. You can continue to use this daily until you have no more signs of fleas in your apartment. Then use it weekly to keep your apartment free of fleas. Unfortunately if your apartment building is infested with fleas it will be extremely difficult for you to completely get rid of the threat of fleas. You will have to continue using EVOLV to ensure that your apartment stays flea free.

      I hope that the fleas are taken care of throughout your entire building so that you can be rid of the problem in your home.

      Best of luck and please keep us updated with your progress to get rid of the fleas!

      Take Care, Kimberly 🙂

  6. Hi Kimberly. I’m feeling better about the fleas, but very tired from all this housecleaning. I did not vacuum Monday, I found a very tired flea above the baseboard, killed & flushed it. I baking soda’d & salted & Garlic powdered monday nite inside & outside my door & patio. Vacuumed yesterday, washed floors with bleach, ran out of vinegar found 3 dried out eggs in 3 different places. Hunted my bed washed linens, wash clothes or put in washer as soon as i come indoors, take off shoes, wash them wipe with vinegar immediately. no signs in B.R. seems to be entryway & 1 egg found by patio door. Saw lots of dehydrated critters outside door & on patio.
    am not sure how much longer this should continue. I am going to try Evolv. Towel was washed day I found it. Taped inside bottom of door today, so lawn ppl would not send anymore in here. Thanks again, I will keep you updated.

    • Hello Ginny, you are definitely doing everything possible to get rid of the fleas!! I can say that I have no doubt the EVOLV will give you permanent relief inside your apartment. I can only imagine how tired you are of all the cleaning while still finding the eggs and fleas. Please let us know how quickly you see results from the EVOLV…I know I personally saw a huge difference immediately. I do have pets but as soon as I sprayed them and combed it in and sprayed my home top to bottom, I saw them dying on contact. After a week my pets and home were free of fleas. Now I use it weekly as a precautionary measure and haven’t had a flea problem at all.

      Best of luck, Kimberly 🙂

  7. Totally infested. I tried spreading diatomaceous earth on the carpets and it gave my cat a nosebleed. I think I’ll take her out of the house and try the salt. Also, does anyone know if flea collars kill fleas or just repel them? I’m so desperate I’m considering wearing one on my ankle.

    • Hello Sarah, I only use Diatomaceous Earth outside in the yard, never have inside with my pets. Flea collars are suppose to repel and kill fleas but I’ve never found one that works for an infestation.

      I highly recommend EVOLV by Wondercide, you can find it here: Wondercide

      This will work immediately to kill the adult fleas and all of the fleas life cycles. It’s safe for your cat as well, just spray right on your pet and brush it through so the entire coat is protected right down to the tail. You will need to spray it on all of your furniture and carpets along with any bedding that your cat uses. I pour it directly on my wood floors and tile, then just mop the entire areas. It’s never left any stain or discoloration on my furniture or floors.

      You will see an immediate difference in the flea infestation! After you do the initial application you should continue to use it daily until there is no sign of fleas in your home. Then use it weekly as a precaution because flea larvae and eggs can hide very well and the eggs can hatch and start the process over again. After a month or so with no sign of fleas in your home or on your cat you should be safe. I use Wondercide monthly to make sure fleas don’t return.

      Best of luck and please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with!

      Kimberly 🙂

  8. For the record, I have found Diatomaceous Earth to be ineffective against fleas inside the home.

    I have taken the earth and spread it throughout multiple rooms all over the carpet using a duster to spread it completely and finely everywhere. I then left the material there for the better part of two weeks. Didn’t seem to put a dent into the fleas.

    This is telling…..While you may not agree with my method, I actually applied Diatomaceous Earth directly to cats using a duster. In fact, I applied enough of this material to them that a black cat actually appeared grey! It is unlikely that the cat could have destroyed all this material deep in it’s fur by bathing.

    A week later, the fleas were still there on the cat having a party. In the very least, the fleas should have been driven off the cat. Diatomaceous Earth couldn’t stop a flea with a hangover!

    However, I would like to add this method which is non-toxic which I found to be extremely effective. Since you almost always have a problem with fleas during hot summer months, there is a rapid way to destroy them all in clothes, bedding, etc.
    Take everything like clothes, blankets, pillows etc and put everything in black plastic garbage bags. Seal the bags shut and then put these bags outside directly in the sun. The temperature inside these sealed bags will climb rapidly to searing levels (you may even see the bag inflating from the heat). It is highly unlikely that fleas in any life stage can withstand this treatment for a few hours.
    Wash after. This is a rapid way to sterilize everything.

    • Thank you for sharing GRX!!! I’m sorry that the Diatomaceous Earth didn’t work effectively for you. Did the DE dry out your pets skin? It is suppose to absorb the moisture right out of the fleas and the life stages of the flea along with shredding areas of the adult fleas shell, I would have thought that it would dry out a pets skin.

      Your idea with the black garbage bags does sound very effective but it won’t kill the fleas that are on your carpets and floors. If you do find that the flea cycle comes back I would recommend Wondercide. this product is amazing and is 100% natural. I use it on my pets directly on their coats along with all of my furniture, bedding, mattresses and flooring. It will kill fleas and all of their life stages along with ticks. After you have the fleas under control you can use it as preventative measure for your pets monthly. Just spray lightly on your pets coat and comb it down to the skin. This is truly an amazing product that is all natural and safe for everyone.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience with DE… really appreciate it!

      Kimberly 🙂

  9. I use DE many times. I find it works. But I put it in a spray bottle or mix with coconut oil for the animal. I never use it dry because the animal or a child can breath it in and get sick. But DE works great

    • Hello Theo, thank you for sharing your DE recipe! I never thought to put it in a spray bottle what a great idea 🙂

      The Wondercide isn’t sold in stores, it’s only sold online. You can purchase Wondercide here This is a truly amazing product that works exceptionally well and quicker than anything I’ve ever used for my pets.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience with DE 🙂


  10. Salt does not kill fleas. I have tried to use this method for several weeks and I still have fleas. I have put it down as it comes out of the container, and I have also blended it in the blender. Neither way has worked for me. So how can you say it works? Either it doesn’t, or I’m doing something incorrectly. Does it go down dry, or do I need to make it damp?

    • Hello Jay, I’m sorry this isn’t working for you and yes you are doing it right by sprinkling it on your carpets dry. You can use Wondercide to get rid of the fleas in your home and on your pets. This is all natural and won’t harm you or your pets like harsh chemicals do. Spray this on your furniture, bedding, carpets and mop all of your floors with it. To use this on your pets, just spray directly on their coat and brush or comb it down to the skin, it will kill fleas on contact and prevent fleas and ticks on your pets. If you see anymore fleas just spray the area with the Wondercide, you should see an huge improvement to your flea problem within a few days. Continue using the Wondercide on your pets as a monthly preventative measure against fleas and ticks.

      Best of luck and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂


  11. I just brought Diatomaceous to try on my cat and dog, I went to get Zodic to try and they were out the guy told me to try this. So I”m going to try. It”s got to better than $248.00 pet bill that I did last week just for one cat. will let you know how it goes!!

    • Thank you for sharing Kay, best of luck and looking forward to hearing back with your results! 🙂


    • Hello Roxane, You can use the Wondercide Yard Control for outside. It will kill the fleas and ticks without harming your plants. This is an all natural product that is safe for your pets and animals.

      Best of luck and please let me know if I can help with anything else 🙂


  12. It’s never been actually confirmed that boric acid has much effect in flea removal, at least as far as I’ve researched it. I agree about vinegar and soap, I’ve tried them for myself. I made a flea shampoo from dish soap, glycerine, vinegar and water – it killed all the fleas on my pet’s body. Unfortunately they were back again within a week. This type of flea treatment definitely needs to be combined with treatment of the environment

  13. Buyer beware* if you have a cat do not buy wondercide. If you do be sure to do some research on it. It is said their products have adverse effects and sometimes irreversible damage to cats.

    • That is good info, thanks for sharing. I was considering buying some Wondercide, but now, I am going to think twice. I don’t want any kind of effects if I put it on/around my old cat.

  14. I have used the salt idea and it’s worked wonderfully,I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get a solution to an almost helpless situation ,thank you so much for your help. What I wanted to ask you is this,,,is it alright to put the salt directly on our dogs they are so infested with them now Im at the end of my rope,flea baths everyday just isn’t possibly can you help me out here? I have already put it on my big husky /wolf but I just did it thinking it couldn’t hurt him,please tell me he will be ok,I would so appreciate an answer as soon as you can give it please,thank you so very much, Maureen

    • Hello Maureen, I’m very happy the salt was able to help with the flea problem. I have never put salt directly on my pets coats, I’m sure it won’t hurt them but it may dry their skin right out causing itching and discomfort to them. You shouldn’t be bathing them with a flea shampoo everyday either they do have flea killing chemicals that shouldn’t be used daily, usually it is a shampoo that you would use once a week or less.

      Make sure that you’re vacuuming everyday and for your pets you may want to use a monthly topical flea treatment or Wondercide on your pets to kill and repel the fleas. The Wondercide is an all natural product that just needs to be sprayed directly on your dogs and combed down to the skin. No need to rinse it off it will actually moisturize the skin as well as kill the fleas on your pets.

      Best of luck and please let me know if I can do anything else to help you 🙂


  15. Is there any other product like Wondercide? I can not do cedar or lemon grass as they cause my allergies to act up.

    • Hello Loui, there is a Rosemary Scented Wondercide available if you aren’t allergic to it. This has the same benefits as the lemongrass and cedar scented varieties. You can purchase this directly from I don’t know of any other products that work as well as Wondercide but I will do some research and see what else I could find that is as effective as the Wondercide products!

      Thank you for visiting and please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with 🙂


  16. I recently had to put my 12 year old yorkie to sleep. A few days later I noticed I started getting itchy bumps on my leg. At first I thought it was from mosquito bites only to find out it was actually fleas. I immediately went and bought bug spray that’s supposed to kill them, but they were still in my carpet. I am now using salt and boric acid to see if it helps. I washed all my bedding and have not put it back on my bed yet, but I am stuck sleeping on the couch with a blanket, that was also washed. If the fleas are on the couch, which I don’t think they are, will they get on my blanket?

    • Hello Blair, I’m sorry to hear about your yorkie!! As far as the fleas, if you’ve seen them and know that they are in your home then they can be anywhere. You can learn more about the flea life cycle here.

      The fleas can be in your blankets and couch very easily. You should be vacuuming everyday, including your couches, chairs even your mattress, anywhere your dog was allowed to go. The flea eggs can easily attach to your clothing, bedding, pretty much anything and be transferred around your home. I would spray everything down with Wondercide inside your home along with mopping any tile or wood floors with it. It’s all natural and works very well to kill fleas and all of its life stages.

      After the initial application, if you see anymore fleas or bites on your skin, just reapply, you should see a huge improvement within days, be sure to continue vacuuming and washing any blankets you’re sleeping with in hot water and drying on your highest heat setting daily until you have no sign of fleas in your home.

      Again I’m very sorry about your pup!! Best of luck and let me know if I can help you any further 🙂


  17. Haven’t read the comments, so I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but Borax works similarly to the table salt.

    Borax, like table salt, will dry out the fleas and their eggs so that the fleas will dry up and the eggs won’t hatch.

    I recommend using a mixture of borax, baking soda, and salt. Rub it into the carpet for at least most of the day. And make sure that any animals are out of the room that you are using this mixture in! Then, vacuum the area and empty out the vacuum cleaner in case there’s any live ones in there.

    • Thank you very much for this information Natalie 🙂 I’m sure this will come in great use for everyone!!

      Kimberly 🙂

  18. Hi just wanted to add to this… We use DE for fleas and it works marvelously!!! We live in a 105yr old house and I apply it about once every 6 mnths in crevices for roaches and we haven’t seen but one in the two years we have been in the house! We apply it again to the whole house if we start seeing fleas(someone added sand to the yard before we bought it so our yard and house get fleas about once a summer) I also apply a small bit to my cats(around back of neck and ears) do not apply like the lady who made her black cat grey! I also do the same to by dogs. We have never had any of them have a reaction. We live in a farming community where this is used regularly for livestock. We also sprinkle in yard around house after mowing! It works wonderfully!!! On all pests!!! (We put it into a picnic ketchup bottle to squeeze into crevices)

    • Thank you Beth.. I’m very sure this will help everyone in the fight against these horrible pests 🙂 Kimberly

  19. Hi, I will definitely be trying the salt treatment on my carpets. My very old kitty has fleas!!! Is it ok for my cat to continue to walk on the carpet after I have sprinkled it with salt??

    • Hello Brandy, yes, it will be fine for your cat to continue to walk on the carpet. His/hers feet may get a little dried out and if that happens just put some baby oil or light coating of vaseline on the pads of the feet.

      You may also want to give Wondercide a try. It is an all natural product that is safe for cats and dogs and it works instantly to kill the fleas and all of its life cycle stages.

      You can buy Wondercide Here: Flea, Tick & Mosquito Control Spray for Pets + Home – Lemongrass

      If you have any more questions please let me know 🙂


  20. I would highly discourage using the EVOLV directly on pets or in places they commonly reside. The cedar will cause tumor growths. This is something our family found out with our pet rats since cedar bedding is very common and many people like the smell, but the lifespan cut and the suffering from the tumors definitely wasn’t worth it. People commonly use cedar in dog bedding and it causes similar problems for them. If you feel EVOLV is your best bet, try to at least limit the exposure. While it is natural, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is safe.

  21. I have cats
    For some Reason they learn how to stick thier paws threw the bottom of my bedroom door when I’m not home came home one day and my bedroom door was open and on my bed was my cat well I put her out only to go to bed and was automatically bombarded with fleas so I woke up put sea salt all over my blanket it works good to on human bed linens I just washed my bed linens the following day then she desided to go into my room:(

    • Hello Kaycee, thank you for sharing with everyone! I’m sure this will help others with their battle against the fleas 🙂


  22. Please be careful with DE. It is a health hazard if inhaled, pets or human. Can lodge in the lungs. Vacuum before rehabitating a room.

  23. I have been fighting these things since moving into a new apartment end of August, 2017. Carpet was not new. Not sure how old the carpet is…but as I am outside with my dog another woman tells me her dog has fleas. I am barely in the place! I found two on my dog. called professional and he treated twice within two-three time. I used borax/salt/baking soda, food grade DE, herbal sprays and dog is on TWO flea treatments. STILL they remain. I find one or two in am and pm. Vacuuming twice a day. Washing all linens with HOT water every day.

    Sprayed car TWICE.

    I have read some southwest states have fleas that tested positive FOR BUBONIC PLAGUE! Yikes. I have been bitten on ankles. People DO get the plague from flea bites!! They are bad! Management will NOT spray common areas or the outside. They will pay alot of money for landscaping and seasonal flowers that they just toss when the season changes!?! THey charge pet friendly fees and deposits. Yet, I have learned there are some infestations in other buildings. And they refuse to treat. I broke my lease and I am out of here October 31st.
    I do know the stages/cycles. I worry I am taking the pupae with me only to awaken at our new place.

    God Help US!!!

    • Hi there Barbs, WOW… I would have broken my lease as well and to be honest I would contact an attorney to see what legal actions you could take to get any monies back for your deposits and such.

      I am wondering if you tried the Wondercide? This product can be sprayed on everything including directly on your pets, even if they are using other chemical products because it is all natural. This is what I use on my pets and it does kill the fleas and all of the life cycle stages on contact.

      When you are in your new place, I would spray everything including, mattresses, your cars, furniture, carpets, curtains, dog beds and use it to mop any flooring with. You should also spray your dog down with it as well. You probably are going to be taking fleas with you, especially since you had said that they are throughout the building.

      I really think you will see the fleas disappear within a week or so. If you do see any fleas on your dog or yourself in areas, just spray your dog or the areas that you see them again. This is an all natural product that works very well and you don’t need to worry about any harmful effects it can cause using it repeatedly like you do with chemical products.

      You can find Wondercide here at Amazon: Click Here

      I’m so sorry that you’re going through this, I can only imagine how stressful all of this must be for you! If I can help you with anything else, please let me know & wish you the best of luck in your new place 🙂


  24. My flea problem started September 26th and after spending hundreds of dollars with nothing working I am now using Borax. I had previously used Borax before but I didn’t leave it down long enough for it to work I only left it down for 7 days plus I only did two rooms, I didn’t treat the whole house which was unwise. I have done extensive research and have found that you need to leave Borax on your floor/carpets for a minimum of two weeks for it to effectively get rid of all the fleas stages, adults, eggs, larvae and cocoons; anything less and you might have a re-infestation.

    I live in Atlanta, I would love to use the salt method but you can’t leave salt on your carpets for long periods of time because it attracts moisture which is why I opted for Borax instead. You can leave Borax down for long periods of time without it attracting moisturize. I do not have any children and I live alone so this works for me. The house is ventilated with all windows open all day; it’s now fall and the weather is breezy.

    I sprinkled The Borax on my carpets 24hrs ago, it looks like it snowed in my home. I have already begun to see dead fleas but I’m going to leave it down until every single flea in my home is dead then I’ll use it once a month as a preventive method. My dog has coconut oil all over his body and he’s also on Lufernon (Lufernon doesn’t kill fleas but causes them to be sterile, if they bite my dog they will be unable to reproduce), he has absolutely no fleas on him.

    I will update the Borax treatment and let you all know how it worked out.

    • Eley, Please do let us all know how it works, not everyone has the problem with the moisture in their neck of the woods but many do. For summer months for anyone of us in the hotter regions and humid regions during the summer months this can be very helpful!!

      Best of luck!!


  25. i have fleas from rats and there eating me alive .my legs are so painfull i need help tried every thing for the rats and the fleas nothing helps

    • Hi Phil, are these pet rats? If so I’m not sure what’s safe to treat fleas on them. I would try some all natural flea remedies like Diatomaceous Earth, wondercide or table salt in your home to kill the fleas. I use wondercide, (EVOLV) inside my home and outside along with the DE to kill fleas and keep them away. If you’re not worried about the chemicals I would use a flea bomb inside your home and them use the Wondercide and DE to keep the fleas away.

      I hope this helps, if you have any other ?’s don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


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