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Use the following 7 Steps For Home Flea Removal:

Don’t skip any of the following steps or your flea problem will be back,  most likely stronger than before.

Fleas are very resilient and can hide easily in your home.  If you don’t start home flea removal as soon as you realize that fleas are in your home, you will end up with a flea infestation problem!

You may have been told that fleas don’t survive in the winter, this is not true!  Fleas can live through all seasons.  During colder months a flea can live very happily in your home where it’s heated.  So if you think your home has fleas and it’s cold outside, you’re probably right.  Continue reading on for home flea removal!

Step 1:  Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Pets

You need to treat your pets for fleas first and foremost.  If you don’t have pets but still have fleas, start with step 2, treating your carpets for fleas.

I have step by step instructions to get rid of fleas on your dog, puppy, cat or kitten.  After you have treated your pet for fleas, follow the steps below to complete your home flea removal.

To get rid of fleas on your pets naturally:  There are many ways that you can get rid of the fleas on your pets without harsh chemicals and with homemade flea remedies.  If you have a kitten or puppy, I would recommend not using any chemicals directly on their skin.  

There is a wonderful product out there called wondercide.  This product is safe for all pets and they have a complete line of products you can use on your pets of all ages and in your home.  It is a bit pricey but well worth it.

Step 2:  Treating Your Carpets For Fleas:

home flea removal


Your carpets will need to be treated with a carpet spray that specifically targets fleas. Thoroughly spray your carpets with the spray being sure not to avoid any areas.  Fleas love warm, moist, dark places, so be sure to move any furniture on your carpets and spray under them.

A Natural Alternative To Chemicals For Carpets Is:  table salt.  If you would prefer a natural inexpensive alternative, you can use table salt.  Click the following link to read about killing fleas with table salt.   

This is a very effective home flea removal treatment that will only take your time and about $10, depending on the amount of carpets in your home.  You can find step by step instructions to use table salt on carpets at:

Kill Fleas Naturally

Step 3:  Treating Your Furniture For Fleas

All of your furniture will need to be treated with a flea furniture spray.  Fleas can and will hide in the furniture stuffing, so be sure to saturate this as well.  Before using a furniture spray be sure to vacuum it thoroughly so that the spray gets the fleas and all of its stages without dust and dirt debri getting in the way.

If you’re furniture could be ruined or stained from the spray, using a steam cleaner will be just as effective. Again, just like with using a flea furniture spray, be sure to vacuum all of the furniture before using the steam cleaner.  The steam will kill the fleas, in all of their life stages. This is a very effective home flea removal treatment and great alternative to using chemicals.

Step 4:  Using A Flea Fogger To Kill Fleas:

You will need a flea fogger to reach the tiniest spots in your home that you can’t see.  Remember flea eggs are the size of a grain of salt.  There are many places that the flea egg could be hiding that you wouldn’t even think about.  

The flea fogger will reach all of those spots that are blind to the human eye.  There are so many cracks and crevices in our homes that we can’t see where fleas can hide, especially the egg, larvae and pupae stages of the flea.  A flea fogger reaches all of those spots and kills those hard to find stages of the fleas.

If you are against using any chemicals or can’t due to health reasons a great alternative to reaching hard to reach areas of your home is either diatomaceous earth or table salt.  These can both be sprinkled liberally around the trim in your home, being sure to get it as far under it as possible and under your furniture.

Applying either of these products on your carpets as well can work well for you, however, it will need to be left on the areas your treating for at least 24 hours to be effective.  Both of these products work by drying the flea and the flea stages out but need time to do the job.  You can learn more about how the diatomaceous earth here, kill fleas naturally.

Step 5:  Washing Everything For Home Flea Removal:

You’ll need to wash all bedding that your pet goes on.  Toys that your pet plays with, will also need to be washed, if they’re made of a cotton like material.  

If the toy is rubber or plastic, just rinse in hot soapy water.  If it’s not possible to wash your pets toy, just throw it out!  If this step is skipped during your home flea removal, you will find the fleas again within a week.  Your pets will continue sleeping on their beds and playing with their toys ultimately scattering the flea eggs again throughout your home!

Wash all the bedding in hot soapy water.  I use  flea shampoo to wash my animals things,  I know it’s safe and it kills fleas.  Dry everything you can on high heat, in your dryer.  This is an extra effective process in killing all the flea stages. If you can’t wash something that your pet uses, like a pet bed, just throw it out and buy a new one or steam clean it.

Step 6:  Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!

Vacuum all of your carpets extremely thoroughly.  Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies with your vacuum, remember fleas like dark places, so be sure to move furniture and vacuum under it.

When your done vacuuming throw the canister bag out or empty the bag-less vacuum canister.  Put the  garbage bag with the vacuum debris outside of your home.  The fleas can stay alive in the vacuum bag or canister!  Do this everyday until you are no longer seeing any fleas, this usually takes 4-6 weeks, before you can say you are completely flea free.

Take a Look at What Vacuuming Will Do For Your Flea Problem

Going over your carpet a few times is a very good idea,  as the larvae stage of the flea has a sticky outer coating, that makes it easy for it to stay deep in your carpet fibers.

Step 7:  Mopping All Of Your Floors To Get Rid Of Fleas

You will need to thoroughly mop all your hardwood floors and any tile flooring as well. Make sure you reach all the cracks and crevices of your floor, fleas like the littlest spots!

You can use whatever cleaner you normally would for cleaning your floors.  Fleas don’t like wood and tile because they’re cooler surfaces.  However, the egg stage and larvae stage can fall from you or your pet when travelling through your home.

If you have a floor steam cleaner this is very effective as well.  The steam cleaner will kill the flea stages on contact because it is so hot, while the pad will pull them off the floor.

Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House Completed!

You did it!!!  Your home is well on it’s way to being flea free.  Now to keep your home flea free be sure to keep your pet protected with a monthly flea treatment  or an alternative natural flea treatment.

You should also repeat the previous steps weekly, except the vacuuming, this should be done daily.  It is highly possible to have a few fleas still survive but if you stay one step ahead of them you will keep your flea free environment for you and your family!

If you live in a warm area, where fleas can live year round outside, you should also treat the outside of your home.  Fleas can live very well outside but there are preventative measures you can take.  Make the outside of your home flea free, and protect your home from re infestation

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share it below 🙂  I will get back to you within 24 hours!

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