Best Flea Control For Cats

The best flea control for cats can also be used as flea control for kittens of any age, along with nursing mommas safely.  This is an all natural product that will kill fleas and ticks without all of the harsh chemicals.


Wondercide is an all natural product that contains cedar oil as its active ingredient.  Cedar oil blocks octopamine, which is needed by fleas and ticks to regulate their heart rate, to move and to able to keep their metabolisms working properly.  When the Wondercide is sprayed on them they will die.

As a cat owner the cedar oil would be a red flag

to not use it as it can be harmful to cats.  Read how this cedar oil is processed making it safe for cats and kittens of all ages:

As you can see, the Wondercide cedar oil is phenol-free and that is the ingredient in many essential oils that can be harmful to cats and kittens.  So you can rest assured that your feline friends will be safe using the Wondercide natural flea and tick control for pets.

Once you have the Wondercide you can follow these easy steps to keep your cats and kittens flea free!

Step 1:  Rub your cat or kittens fur in the opposite direction of hair growth and lightly mist the neck, back, belly, legs, feet and tail.  Don’t saturate them just a mist is plenty.  Then gently rub it down to the skin.

Step 2:  For the heads of your cats or kittens, spray directly on your hands and rub gently around the ears and neck.

*You can repeat this every few days if your treating your cat for fleas or use it bi-weekly as a preventative measure.

Although this is safe to use with other flea medications, you won’t need to.  The Wondercide works incredibly well all by itself preventing both fleas and ticks on your feline friends 🙂

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