Natural Dog Flea Treatment


A non chemical all natural dog flea treatment natural dog flea treatment

Many people are looking for all natural alternatives in place of all the chemicals we use to use on our pets for flea removal.  Since the chemicals don’t appear to be working because fleas have gained a resistance to them, it’s time for us to take a different approach to eradicating the fleas from our dogs.

Bathing your dog in a natural dog flea treatment:

You will need to use an all natural flea shampoo.  I would recommend using either DeFlea products or Natural Chemistry if your dog’s skin is irritated from the fleas.

Step 1:  Fill a tub half way with warm water, add more or less depending on the size of your dog.  Your dog will need to be submerged in the water as much as possible, this will cause the fleas to drown while bathing your dog.

Step2:  Put your dog in the water and put a thick amount of flea shampoo starting on the natural dog flea treatmentneck, behind the ears, all the way to the tip of the tail.  Rub the shampoo into a very thick lather, using your fingers, massage the shampoo all the way to your dogs skin.  Be sure to get all of your dog’s body, the neck, chest, belly, legs, back and tail!  Continue rubbing the shampoo on your dog for at least 5 minutes.

Step 3:  Rinse the flea shampoo off of your dog, making sure that you don’t leave any behind, shampoo left on the skin can cause your dog’s skin to be itchy.  As your rinsing the flea shampoo off of your dog, you are going to see fleas starting to go toward your the face. Using a wet hand, push the fleas back toward the water.  The fleas are going to be trying to get to the highest point of your dog, this being the face, so that they don’t die.

Step 4:  After all of the shampoo is rinsed off of your dog, you are going to continue rinsing them with water for at least 10 minutes.  If the water is red with flea dirt, just drain and use the water straight from the faucet.                                                                                          natural dog flea treatment

If you look at your dogs neck and chest you will probably see a lot of fleas coming to the surface of the fur.  They are suffocating as you keep pouring the water over your dog, so the longer you can do this the more fleas your going to kill.

Step 5:  Take your dog out of the water and towel dry them the best that you can.  Now you’re going to need a flea comb, if you don’t have one use the finest tooth comb you have. Starting at the neck of your dog, right behind the ears, make full combing strokes straight down to the tail of your dog.

Rinse the comb after each comb stroke, you are getting any fleas that are dead and left on your dogs skin, along with any flea eggs that may be on them, off.  Continue combing your dog until you have done their entire body.

Natural Dog Flea Treatment Spray:

Now that your dog is done with the natural flea bath and flea combing, you’ll want

natural dog flea treatment
Wondercide Flea & Tick Spray

to treat them with a natural dog flea treatment spray.  I personally use EVOLV by Wondercide, this product works beautifully for my pets.  I love it because it’s safe for puppies and nursing momma dogs.  If you would like a home-made remedy, you can find it here at home remedies that kill fleas.

You want to completely spray your dog from head to toe, even the tail!  While spraying them use the flea comb and comb it right down to your dogs skin.  The flea sprays generally need to be reapplied every week until there are no signs of fleas any more.  The natural dog flea treatment spray is going to take the place of chemical topical flea treatments and flea collars.

All Natural Garlic & Brewers Yeast Tablets

Brewers yeast & Garlic

You may want to consider giving your dog a garlic and brewers yeast tablet daily as well. The tablets change the taste of your dog’s blood and the fleas don’t like it.  My dog gets 1 tablet daily and it seems to work well.  I think it’s the same for all dogs but check with your veterinarian just to be sure, it may be more or less depending on the size of your dog.

Your Natural Dog Flea Treatment is Complete!

Now you need to get rid of the fleas in your home and your yard to make sure that the fleas stay away from your dog and your family. You will need to break the flea life cycle throughout your home.  The adult fleas that you just killed on your dog are only 5% of the flea population that you have in your home!  The other stages, egg, larva and pupa stages are hiding in your carpets, furniture and yard.

You can find all natural flea treatments to use for inside and outside of your home at:

Get Rid of Fleas Naturally and Kill Fleas Naturally

Please share any natural dog flea treatments you may have and let us know how they’ve worked for your dogs! 🙂

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