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Natural Remedies For Flea Bites

There are many products you can use from home to make natural remedies for flea bites If you have ever had chicken pox, poison ivy or poison oak, you can use the same home remedies for those as you can for flea bites. If you have any of the following […]

Kill Fleas Naturally-Effectively

There are some effective ways to kill fleas naturally. The trick to making sure that the fleas stay away is to kill the fleas naturally throughout your entire environment!  You will need to treat your pets and home, both inside your home and outside.  If you only focus on one […]

fleas natural predator

Fleas Natural Predator: What Is It

Fleas Natural Predator, What is it? Many people ask this question, I’ve asked myself, what is the  fleas natural predator?  Yes, fleas do have a natural predator, in fact they have a few!  Fleas will be eaten by snakes, ants, beetles, spiders, frogs and lizards.  These are all fleas natural predators. […]

Best Way To Kill Fleas-What Is It?

Anyone who has pets has asked this question at least once!  What is the best way to kill fleas? These little buggers are extremely hard to get rid of of, but not impossible!  To kill the fleas in your home or on your pets you’ll need to treat and clean […]

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Can Fleas Fly?

Many people are asking the same question, can fleas fly?  The answer is NO FLEAS CAN’T FLY, they jump. Fleas do not have wings like a fly, they do have 6 legs though, that allow them to jump 100x’s their height! A flea is about 1/16 to 1/8 inches high, […]