Flea Control For Homes

Wondercide has a flea spray for the house that is one of the best flea controls for the home.  

Getting the fleas out of your house can be done in 3 simple steps.  You will need to repeat the steps for a week or so but it will be well worth it to get rid of these horrible pests.  If you have pets, you will need to treat them for fleas as well.  Otherwise your problem will never go away and continue to get worse.

If you have a dog or puppy, you can follow directions here:  Best Flea & Tick Prevention For Dogs
If you have a cat or kitten, you can follow directions here:  Best Flea & Tick Prevention For Cats

Step 1:  Washing bedding, blankets & throw rugs

Strip your bedding down to the mattress, including mattress pads!  Take all of your blankets and comforters along with any throw rugs that you can fit into your washer machine.  You’re going to wash all of these things in the hottest water temperature you can.  Then you will dry them on your highest heat setting in your dryer.  You could also do this right at your local laundromat, they usually have very heavy duty machines.


Step 2:  Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

this is a very important step because it will suck up any existing flea eggs and larvae stages of the fleas. You will want to move furniture so that you’re getting all of the areas of your carpets and even wood or linoleum flooring.

Concentrate on corners and around molding on the floors. Fleas and all of it’s life stages can hide everywhere!

You will need to vacuum all of your furniture also, removing the cushions and vacuuming them as well.

If you have curtains that hang to the floor or around your furniture, you’ll need to either wash them, which I recommend or vacuum them very well.

After vacuuming be sure to empty the canisters or replace the vacuum bags.  Throw the garbage out immediately after doing this!

Fleas can stay alive in the garbage and could come right back out.  Wash bagless canisters with warm soapy water after emptying.


Step 3:  Spray your entire home

including furniture, bare mattresses, throw pillows and carpeting that can’t be washed with Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray.  There are many varieties of home flea sprays that are available on the market but I prefer this over anything else.

It’s all natural, so no harsh chemicals that can make you sick and it’s safe for children and pets of all ages even if it’s digested.

You can also mop your floors with the Wondercide as an extra precaution against any fleas surviving.


Repeat these 3 steps at least once a week until you have no signs of fleas in your home!

If you see fleas in a particular area, just spray the area with the Wondercide.  You will see a huge improvement the first day that you take these 3 steps.

If you have pets try and keep them in a certain area of the home if possible, like the kitchen, until all signs of fleas are gone on them as well!

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