Understanding The Flea Life Cycle

is the first step to make sure fleas will be gone permanently.  If you don’t focus on all of the fleas life cycle stages, when treating your home and pets, you will most likely see the problem come back, usually worse than before.

Fleas have 4 stages in their life cycle:

1st: Egg
2nd: Larva
3rd: Pupa
4th: Adult

The flea population breakdown is:

50% Egg
35% Larvae
10% Pupae
5% Adult

When you have an infestation you have all stages of fleas in your home, below you can read and understand the different stages of the fleas life cycle:


The Egg
:  This the the first stage of a fleas life.  The flea egg is the size of a grain of salt.  A flea egg can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to hatch, depending on the environmental conditions.

The warmer more humid air is ideal for a flea egg to hatch, cooler less humid temperatures may cause the flea egg to take a little more time.


The Larvae:  When the flea egg hatches it is in the larvae stage.  During this stage the flea larvae are blind and avoid sunlight.  They are small and white measuring 1-2 millimeters in length.

The larvae will go to a dark space, under furniture, deep into carpeting or anywhere it can stay in the dark but still remain warm.

Flea larvae eat droppings from the adult flea, known as “flea dirt”.  The larvae stage lasts approximately  5 days to 2 weeks.


The Pupa:  The 3rd stage of the flea life cycle is the  Pupa stage.  The larvae wraps itself into a cocoon to continue its growth into an adult flea.  The pupa stage lasts about 1-2 weeks, before hatching into an adult flea.

When the pupa gets a sign that a host is near, they will come out of their cocoon to feed.  Some examples of a sign they pick up on, alerting them that a host is near, are, vibrations, excessive heat and carbon dioxide.


The Adult Flea:  This is the final stage of the flea life cycle.  When the larvae gets a trigger that a host is near, it hatches as an adult. The adult flea will immediately look for its host so it can eat.

An adult flea needs blood within hours of emerging from the cocoon.  If it goes longer than a few days without food it will die of starvation.

After the female flea eats she will lay her eggs within 24-48 hours.  She will lay approximately 50 eggs at a time and over 5000 eggs in her life span of 3-4 months

To Stop The Flea Life Cycle:

You will need to treat your pets, home and your yard outside, to kill the fleas and all of it’s life stages.

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