Voluntary Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall

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SIZE: 30 lbs.
LOT CODE #: AH 2A 12:08-14:00
UPC: 8596100032
Expiration: 04/11/17



This recall was initiated as a precautionary measure after the discovery of excessive moisture, which could result in mold. According to a company representative, the recall is limited to a single batch that was manufactured during one 2-hour period.

The ingestion of moldy food could result in mycotoxicosis in your dog.


Symptoms of Mycotoxicosis:

Muscle tremors
Uncoordinated movements
Increased heart rate
Increased body temperature
Lack of appetite

If you dog is suffering from any of these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you have this product in your possession, discontinue use immediately, and return the food for a full refund. A full list of Blue Buffalo retailers can be found here. You can also contact Blue Buffalo’s Customer Service at 855-201-4331.

Best Flea Medicine Kittens Can Use

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When you bring home your new kitten and find that they have fleas, you need to get rid of them immediately.  Let’s kittenslook at some of the best flea medicine kittens can use to safely get rid of the fleas.

If your kitten is under 8 weeks of age they shouldn’t be treated with a topical flea medication or any chemicals at all.  The topical flea medications can cause your kitten to become severely sick and could potentially kill your kitten.  I have directions to safely remove fleas from your kitten that is under 8 weeks of age on my page Kitten Fleas.


Wondercide is an all natural product that I’ve personally used on my kittens as a preventative measure against fleas.

natural dog flea treatment

EVOLV By Wondercide

It truly works extremely well and is non toxic to anyone that comes in contact with it.  It’s safe for kittens at any age, this does come in both lemongrass and cedar varieties.  Cedar oil can be poisonous to cats but the cedar oil used by Wondercide doesn’t have phenols, or phenolic compounds.  That is what is what makes many essential oils poisonous to our feline friends.  You can read more about the ingredients of the cedar spray that Wondercide produces here. This is the definitely one of the best flea medicines kittens can use no matter how young they are.




If your opting toward a monthly topical flea treatment for your kitten you may want to consider frontline.  This is put on your kitten once a month between their shoulder blades at the base of their neck.  Just make sure that its not in a spot that they can lick, kittens are very flexible.  You want to rub the flea treatment right into their skin, it will leave a greasy spot for a couple of days but it does start working immediately to kill adult fleas and their eggs.

Bayer Soresto

bayer soresto

Bayer Soresto

There is a new product out called Bayer Soresto, this product claims to work just like the topical flea medications but with the use of a collar that offers sustained release technology.  This means that over an 8 month period the collar releases the flea killing ingredients into the collar and your pet absorbs the flea medication through their skin.  It claims to be as effective as topical treatments but works for 8 months instead of only 1 and it doesn’t leave the greasy residue that topical treatments do.  I’ve never used this but I can see the attraction to the ease of use for such a long period of time.

This product does have very mixed reviews though so if you do decide to try this I’d recommend keeping a close eye on your kittens health for the first month.  Many people who have used this product are beyond happy with the results of the fleas dying and ticks staying off their kittens and cats.  However other people are complaining of their kittens and cats becoming lethargic and very ill from the collars as well as the collar leaving red soars around the neckline due to a severe reaction.

Along with using a flea medicine on your kitten, remember that it’s important to treat their living environment as well.  If you don’t kill the fleas inside and kill the fleas outside where your kitten plays and sleeps, then your flea problem can get much worse very quickly.

The products that I’ve suggested above have been used on my own kittens and cats, except for the Bayer Soresto collar.   I can personally say that the Wondercide and the Frontline have never caused my feline friends to become ill or hurt at all.  I’ve had great success with them and recommend them to my friends and family as well.  If you’ve tried any of the products please leave a comment below and share your experience with the products.  Especially the  Bayer Soresto being that I have no personal experience with this product and it does have mixed reviews.

I hope I was helpful in your search for the best flea medicines that your kitten can use!  🙂



Pet Flea Control

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Are you looking for help in providing your pet with flea control?

It’s not a hard task but it does need to be done to prevent flea infestations in your home along with on your pets. Lets look at some basic preventative measures you can take to prevent fleas on your pets.

Pet flea control

Topical Medications

Topical flea medications are a great choice to start with your flea prevention

There are many varieties to choose from and the price range is extensive, anywhere from $10-$60 + for a 3 month supply.  To be perfectly honest, you can go for the high end brands like Frontline and Advantage but they have had some complaints about the effectiveness of the products.  I know that in 2013 there was a lot of unhappy customers because it just wasn’t working the way it use to.  Either the fleas had become immune to the chemicals or the product was more diluted than in previous years.  I know that I used it religiously on my pets and that year it just didn’t work!  I ended up having a major flea infestation in my home and on my pets.

There are many other brands out there

that can be used effectively and are much more cost efficient for your pets flea control.  I ended switching to Hartz First Defense when Frontline and Advantage weren’t working as promised. Not only did it kill the fleas on my pets but it was a huge help in getting the flea infestation under control within my home and for a fraction of the cost.

Pet Flea Control

Oral Flea Medications

If you don’t want to use a liquid monthly flea medication

there are oral flea medications that you can give your pet monthly to control fleas.  I haven’t tried them myself with my pets but they do have great reviews as far as the ability to prevent and kill existing fleas.  Capstar is an oral medication for cats and dogs and will kill the existing fleas along with any new ones that hatch on the host, your pet.  This product starts at about $25 per package with a 6 month supply.

If you don’t want to use a topical or oral flea medication

natural dog flea treatment


with your pets there is another effective option out there that you can use, EVOLV by Wonderside.  This comes in aspray bottle and is available in a Cedar and Lemon-grass scent.  I have this for my pets as well and I spray it on them a few times a week.  It is very effective against fleas in all of their life stages.  You simply spray it on and use your pets comb or brush to disperse it through your pets coat to the skin.  This product can also be used on your furniture and carpets to kill existing fleas and all of their life stages.  This is a very effective product for flea control and can be used safely on kittens and puppies as well.

If you are just starting flea prevention

for your pets to keep them from becoming a host to the flea then any of the above products are a perfect preventative measure.  However if your pets already have fleas you will want to take steps to remove the fleas from your home both indoors and outdoors to keep you and your pets safe and healthy. Visit any of the following pages to find step by step instructions to remove fleas permanently from your environment.

Home Flea Removal/Outside Flea Removal/Kill Fleas Naturally/Home Flea Remedies

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to share please leave a comment below, thank you for visiting Fleas b Gone! 🙂



Kill Fleas Yard Control

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Killing fleas in your yard is essential to general flea control. Understanding the flea life cycle allows you to effectively recognize and kill fleas in their different cycles.  If fleas are not taken care of around the outside of your home, you will inevitably bring the pests indoors. There are some very simple things you can do to kill fleas in your yard.

There are a few plants that fleas just don’t care for and will help with your outdoor flea control and prevention.

Mint plants will repel fleas

 Mint Plants

Mint Plants

and are very easy to add into your outdoor landscaping. Mint is easy to grow, in fact they can overgrow very easily, you will need to trim them back from areas you don’t want them. Along with being a great flea repellent outdoors, you can use the leaves from the mint plants indoors for flea control as well.  Put the leaves under you couch cushions, under furniture anywhere fleas could hide that you don’t think you will be able to reach any other way. Mint is a perennial and grows wonderfully in direct full sunlight and they like dry soil.

Eucalyptus trees will repel fleas

kill fleas yard control


in your yard and offer a wonderful smell as well. You can either grow the tree right in your backyard or you can grow them in pots like the picture to your right.  This is a fast growing tree and it doesn’t like climates with temperatures below freezing.  If you live in a climate that does go below freezing then having them in post is ideal because you can bring them indoors if the temperatures are to cold.

Pyrethrum is a daisy like flower

kill fleas yard control


and is a member of the chrysanthemum family.  These are very hearty beautiful flowers that can add outdoor flea control along with beauty to your landscaping.  These flowers like full sun and are often used for outdoor pest control by landscaping professionals.  If you put these beautiful flowers along dirt paths and walkways you will find them to be a very good flea preventative measure.

These are just a few plants that are wonderful for a natural flea repellent in your yards. You may also want to consider Pyrethrums, lavender and rosemary.  Not only are they very fragrant but you can’t beat the natural flea prevention in your yards.

You may want to consider a chemical to kill fleas from your yard along with the plants and flowers.  Visit outdoor flea removal in 4 simple steps, to find step by step instructions to remove the fleas and it’s life stages outdoors.  You can also introduce natural flea predators to your yards natural environment, visit fleas natural predators what is it?, for more information with this.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to share or even your own outdoor flea preventative measure that I haven’t, please feel free to do so below or send me an e-mail directly to kimberly@fleasbgone.org. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

How To Start A Pet Sitting Business

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Learning how to start a pet sitting business, it’s not as hard as you may think!

Starting a pet sitting business could put you on the financial road to success.  Many people have found independenthow to start a dog walking success with home business’s, why not you?   Let’s take a look at some important things you should consider when learning how to start a pet sitting business.

1.  How many customers do you think would be interested in using a pet sitting business?

To get a rough idea, look on-line for doggy daycare business in your area, along with animal boarding businesses. Call these companies up and act like a possible customer looking for animal care.  Some questions you could ask are:

* How much do you charge for animal day-care, or how much do you charge per day for animal boarding?

* What is included in the prices, are the pets walked and played with?  What type of outdoor areas are available for the pet(s)?

* How many pets are boarded or kept in day-care at any one given time?

* What types of references do they offer possible customers?

2.  How would you like to operate your business?

* You could choose to work away from home.  Many people don’t want to board their pets at a kennel and wouldhow to start a pet sitting a business prefer to pay someone to come into their home. Some would want you to stay on the premises with their pets.  Some people would like you to come into their homes at a particular time of day either one or a few times, having you put their pets outside, feed them and play with them.

* Some customers may want you to do this daily, especially if they’re not capable of walking and playing with their pets, while others may only need you when they’re out of town.

Learn more about starting a profitable pet sitting business and get started!

* If you choose to work from your home, you may want to consider a specific area where peoples pets would be while in your care.  Do you have a fenced in area for the pets to wander and play safely?  If not, that’s not a problem, just have a route that you would take to make sure that their pets, if needed, could get adequate exercise while in your care.

 3.  Would you be doing your pet sitting business alone, or with a partner?

* If you decide to run the pet sitting business alone, make sure that you don’t over-extend yourself.  You need tohow to start a pet sitting business make sure that you will have time to give all of your customers and their pets adequate time.  They’re going to want to make sure that their pets are getting the time and attention that they’re paying for.

* If you decide to have a partner, make sure it’s someone that you can count on to be there when needed.  Be very careful when picking a partner, you don’t want to be stuck with to many pets on your hands because your partner is late or calls in.  When starting your own business you need to be able to count on your partner 100%!

All of these questions can be used for your benefit when researching a pet day-care or pet sitting business.  When learning how to start a pet sitting business you will need to have a good knowledge base of what your competition may offer and how you can compete with them.

Maybe you could offer a better price, either per day or a discount on longer stays like a week discount rate.  You may also come up with some ideas to make the pets stay more comfortable for them, just by asking some simple questions to already distinguished pet sitting businesses.

Starting a pet sitting business doesn’t mean that you have to find a building to rent and hire employees, yes, maybe in the future, get your hands dirty first and start slow.

Many businesses fail because people jump all in without fully understanding what the new business will entail.  If you start out slow with a few customers and get the feel of the business and what it will take to make it work on a larger scale, you are much more likely to have success.

If you have a home with a yard, then you have the ability to learn how to start a pet sitting business and get it started!  Get yourself situated with a couple of clients and build from that.  Many people who will use a pet sitting business will also give you great references.

When learning how to start a pet sitting business references are key!

You could decide to advertise your new business in the local papers or by hanging flyers in local pet shops and fleasbgone.orgveterinarian offices, but the best advertising you can have are from people who have used your services and were very satisfied.  Word of mouth is the absolute best advertising that you can have.

Make sure that you ask permission from customers to use them as a reference for other possible clients. Having a great reference can go a long way with building your business.

If you think that you are ready to have your own business whether to add some weekly income, or to make a full-time job out of it and if you love animals, this would be a wonderful opportunity for you!  You can find more information about, how to start a pet sitting business with the following links.

Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Business Start-up Kit

Doggie Day Care Petting Sitting E-books.

Can Fleas Survive Winter?

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The weather is getting colder and snow is starting to fall, what happens to fleas?

Can fleas survive winter snow and cold?

Many people think that they can stop flea treatments as soon as they get the first frost of the season because they are under the impression that fleas are dead from the cold.

Can Fleas Survive Winter

Fleas in Dog Print

Unfortunately this is not true, fleas do not die off when we have a frost or when the snow starts falling.  The flea can survive winter no matter how cold it gets!  The flea egg can survive winter outside in your yard during the coldest weather.

How can fleas survive winter cold, snow and ice?  They do this just like bees, flies and other outdoor bugs, they hibernate.  Unless the flea eggs are killed off outside and inside your home, they will continue to hatch and be a nuisance to your pets and family.

Although the other flea life stages may die off outside during the cold winter months, the flea egg can survive just to hatch in the spring. When the flea egg hatches it is able to  start the whole flea life cycle over again.

How can fleas survive winter and what can I do to prevent them from surviving?

You can prevent the flea eggs hatching outside in your yard with some very simple steps. Before the spring temperatures outside start reaching above 65-70 degrees overnight you will need to treat the outside of your home for fleas.  Taking the steps to do this will be very beneficial for your pets and your family and will help your home from becoming flea infested.

If your pets are showing signs of fleas in the winter, you should treat them either with a natural flea regimen or topical monthly treatments.  There have been many complaints from people about the topical monthly flea medications not working effectively on pets.  If you are using a topical flea medication on your pets you may want to consider using EVOLV along with the topical flea meds.  EVOLV is an all natural flea medication that you spray directly on your pets coat and is safe to use along with the monthly flea medications on your pet.  The EVOLV spray can also be sprayed on carpets, furniture and bedding without having to worry about harsh chemicals or stains.

If you would like to offer any information about fleas in the winter months, please leave it below.  If you have any questions about flea control in the winter, please leave your question below and I will get right back to you! 🙂


When Do Fleas Die Off?

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Now that winter is upon us when do fleas die off?

when do fleas die off

Fleas do survive and breed in the winter

Unfortunately fleas can live through all types of weather.  It doesn’t matter if it is cold, hot, rain or snow, the fleas find a way to survive!  The flea is a very resilient annoying creature that can adapt in all climates.

If you think your pets have fleas on them, it would probably be a good idea to treat them for the fleas before it gets out of control.

If the climate in your area is cold, killing the fleas off can be done with just a little bit of work.  You will have to treat your pets for fleas and the inside of your home.  There are many ways to get the fleas out of your homes and off your pets.

You may choose to treat your home with natural flea removal products.  This isn’t a bad idea, especially if it’s to cold for your windows to be open so that chemical products can be aired out of your home.  Flea bombs and chemical sprays do work for flea removal, but you should be able to open your windows to allow the chemicals to air out.

Using natural products, such as EVOLV, diatomaceous earth and salt, do not need to be aired out after using them for flea removal.  These are all completely natural flea removal products that are safe for you, your family and pets to be around.

If you take some steps to kill the fleas in your yard, pets and home, you won’t have to worry about, when do fleas die off?  You’ll be able to relax and enjoy the winter months without these pesky critters annoying you and your pets.

when do fleas die off

A flea on the thumb nail-yes they’re that small

To learn how to use these 3 products efficiently for your flea removal you can visit:

Get rid of fleas naturally  

Home-made flea remedies

You may also enjoy reading about the fleas natural predators.  If you introduce natural predators into your outside environment before the flea eggs have a chance to hatch in the warmer spring months, you will get a head start on your flea control before it gets out of control for the summer.

Do Fleas Die Winter Months?

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Do fleas die winter months?

Many people are wondering about this, so I thought I would write a post about it.  The   answer is NO!  Fleas will stay alive on your pet during winter months.  You would think

do fleas die winter months

Fleas In Snow

that they would die out because they are so small but they are survivors.

Fleas are survivors, and can live through excessive heat and cold.  The flea egg will lay dormant for up to a year, or until a host becomes available for them to get their first feeding from, usually your dog or cat. The vibrations, from walking, breathing, talking, barking or meowing, can trigger the fleas survival mode, and tells them to hatch because they have a meal available. Even if it is extremely hot or cold the flea will hatch when they know a host is available.

I personally don’t continue treating my pets with topical flea treatments, I use flea traps to catch the fleas as soon as they hatch inside my home.  New fleas are going to go for the heat and blood.  If you put flea traps around your home, whether they’re home-made or if they’re store bought, they will get caught and die before your pet gets completely infested.

Make sure that you have a light attached to what ever flea trap you decide to use, the flea is attracted to the heat of the light!  They will jump toward the light and fall to it’s demise into the flea trap.

Make sure that you vacuum everyday!  This may sound very petty, but fleas will reproduce extremely quickly, vacuuming everyday will suck up a lot of the fleas life stages, never giving them the chance to reproduce.  It’s really a simple measure that help a lot.

You don ‘t want to bathe your pet to much, especially during the winter months.  It’s cold

do fleas die winter months

Fleas on host hatched from the snow

and because we have our homes heated their skin is more likely to become dried out.  Comb your pet with a flea comb regularly.  You will need to give them a flea bath in the beginning but using a flea comb with either a home-made flea spray or the EVOLV, which is what I use, is a simple way to effectively kill the fleas on your pet.

You should treat the outside of your home before the weather gets above 60 degrees at night, to kill any dormant flea eggs that are lingering outside, waiting for a host.  If you kill them before they get the chance to hatch and reproduce, you will be ahead of the  game when the warm summer weather comes.

The answer to your question, do fleas die winter months, no, they are resilient little critters and they will invade your home and your pets when given the chance.  Don’t stop your flea control just because the weather has gotten chilly!

Natural Remedies For Flea Bites

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There are many products you can use from home to make natural remedies for flea biteshome flea remedies

If you have ever had chicken pox, poison ivy or poison oak, you can use the same home remedies for those as you can for flea bites.

If you have any of the following ingredients…

in your home right now, you will be able to make a natural remedies for  flea bites that you have.  You don’t need all of them, even if you only have one you will find relief!


Baking Soda

Tea Bags

Oatmeal (regular, not flavored, uncooked)

Lemon (fresh or lemon juice)

Aloe Vera (either the plant or Aloe Vera gel)

Follow the recipes below to get some relief

Oatmeal Bath:  Take 2 cups of oatmeal and pour directly into your bath water.  Soak in the tub for as long as you want, rub the oatmeal that is soaking in your tub right over the irritated areas or your skin.

Lemons:  Take your lemon and cut in 1/4’s.  Take the lemon wedge and rub directly on the flea bites.  Lemons are a natural anti-inflammatory, let the lemon juice dry on your skin.

Baking Soda & Water:  Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with 3-5 Tablespoons of water.  You want to make a paste that you can put on your flea bites.  After you have your paste made, rub onto the flea bites and let dry.  This will work much like calamine lotion would.

Cornstarch & Water:  Mix 1/4 cup of corn starch with 3-5 Tablespoons of water.  Just like the above recipe you are going to be making a paste.  Mix the water and cornstarch together until a paste is formed.  Rub directly on your flea bites and let dry.

Bath Water Remedy:  Mix 1/2 cup of cornstarch & 1/2 cup of baking soda to your warm bath water.  Rest in the water as long as you want.  The mixture will help soothe your flea bites naturally.

Tea Bags:  Take a wet tea bag and press against the irritated skin.  Let it set on the irritated area for about 5 minutes.  Tea bags are a natural anti-itching remedy.

Aloe Vera:   If you have an Aloe Vera plant all you need to do is break off a leaf of the plant.  Rub the soothing aloe directly on your irritated flea bites, let dry.  If you have Aloe Vera gel, rub the get directly on the flea bites and let dry for relief.  Aloe is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti fungal remedy.

You can continue using any of the above recipes as natural remedies for flea bites.  If you want to use more than one, for instance, take a soothing oatmeal bath and put the fresh lemons on your flea bites when you get out, that would be fine.

Your flea bites should be healed between 6-10 days.  Try very hard not to itch them as this will just cause them to become more irritated and possibly infected

To get rid of fleas and end the flea bites, you may want to consider treating your home for fleas.  You also may want to consider a flea trap to get rid of fleas around your home.

You might like to read more about natural flea remedies to help get rid of fleas naturally and be done with the flea bites.

Kill Fleas Naturally-Effectively

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There are some effective ways to kill fleas naturally.

kill fleas naturally

The Flea Life Cycle

The trick to making sure that the fleas stay away is to kill the fleas naturally throughout your entire environment!  You will need to treat your pets and home, both inside your home and outside.  If you only focus on one aspect of the flea control and not all of the flea infested areas, your going to keep having a flea problem.  Learn more about the fleas life cycle, this will help you better understand why only treating adult fleas on your pet will not be effective.

To kill fleas naturally we are going to start with our pet(s)

natural dog flea treatment

EVOLV Flea spray

There are many natural products out there that say they’ll kill fleas and ticks on our pets instantly, I have only found one product that is true to it’s word.  EVOLV by Wondercide. This product is completely natural and literally kills the fleas and ticks on contact!

EVOLV is so safe for our pets that you can use it on nursing mothers, cat or dog, puppies and kittens.  You just spray on your pet, no matter what the age, and the fleas die. I have this product myself, both the lemon grass scent and the cedar, they work wonderfully. It’s safe enough that I spray it on my hands and rub right on my pets faces and it doesn’t hurt them at all.

I also use the garlic and brewers yeast tablets with both my cat and dog.  They both get a tablet everyday and it appears to be working well with them.  The tablets change the taste of the pets blood, which the fleas don’t like.

kill fleas naturally

Brewers yeast & Garlic tab

These are very inexpensive and all natural. I checked with my veterinarian to determine how much to give my pets and I would recommend you do the same. Generally it’s 1 tablet a day for your pet, that’s what I give mine anyway. I have a very large tabby cat and a springer spaniel, I don’t think you’d use more than 1 tablet per day, just double check to be sure.

There are other products that you can use to kill fleas naturally on your pet that are less expensive and will work.  The effects of these treatments are not as long lasting but you can’t beat the price if you’re looking for inexpensive treatments.  Go to Home remedies kill fleas for more information.

Kill Fleas Naturally In Your Home

OK, so now that your pet is treated for fleas it’s time to move on to your homes flea removal.  As you read in the fleas life cycle, adult fleas, the ones your seeing on your pet, only amount to 5% of the fleas that are in your home.

kill fleas naturally

flea larvae and eggs in carpet fibers

The other 95% are eggs, larvae and pupa stages of the flea.  All of these stages will hide very deep into your carpets and furniture, even your bedding.

If your pets have been on it, then the fleas are there, you just can’t see them!  The first thing you’re going to want to do is take everything you can, that your pets have been on, and wash it.  If it’s not washable, steam clean it and use a flea spray to kill the fleas life stages that are on it.

There are many all natural sprays out there but again, I use EVOLV.  It works miracles in my book and I’ve tried a lot of products.  However if you’re looking for something inexpensive you can use home remedies. The home remedies will work initially but as far as long term relief I didn’t find them as effective as EVOLV.  I do believe that the home remedies will work for you as long as you keep reapplying on a regular basis.

Go to how to home flea removal, you’ll find step by step instructions to walk you through the process to get fleas out of your home.

Kill Fleas Naturally Outside

The final step to kill fleas naturally is treating the outside of your home.  This is were the fleas came from initially and this is were they hide and reproduce waiting for a host. There are steps you should take to clean up your yard if it has piles of leaves, long grass and/or standing water.  Follow the step by step instructions at, outside flea removal.

Some natural outdoor flea killers can be used after you have your yard cleaned up.

kill fleas naturally

This is what DE looks like

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is very good at killing fleas naturally.  Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is made of fossilized remains of microscopic shells.  It works killing fleas because the tiny little shells have sharp edges that aren’t harmful to us but deadly to the fleas.  It will cut them and cause them to bleed.  On top of this it sucks the moisture right out of the flea causing it to die of dehydration.  It will also dehydrate the other stages of the fleas life cycle.

Just sprinkle the food grade Diatomaceous earth throughout your yard, you will need to reapply after a rain shower because it will be washed away.  Be sure to get any and all areas of your yard, especially damp, shady areas.

Fleas Natural Predator

Beneficial Nematodes

Beneficial Nematodes are a fleas natural predator and can be purchased to be released outside in your yard.  These worm like creatures will feed on the fleas in different stages, larvae, pupae and eggs, all the stages that you can’t see with the human eye.

When we use insecticides outside for pest control we usually either kill or scare away natural flea predators such as the beneficial nematodes.  Spiders and frogs are all natural predators to the fleas as well.

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I hope you found some useful information to help you kill fleas naturally!  If you have any information about your own experience with natural flea control, please share it with us, we’d love to hear from you 🙂